10. elokuuta 2008

Beijing & stitching

Hello dear readers,

Here I am, typing about my needlepointing as usual. The Olympic games are on, and I have watched them and stitched away. My current active stitching WIP is called simply "A Kitten". Why? Because that is what the picture is - a kitten. A cute kitten, I dare to say. I have not taken a photo of the canvas yet, but I will do it in the future.

It's strange...watching the sports...they make me feel like I want to stitch. The same thing was when the hockey championships were going on. I stitched like a madwoman. I listened the happenings on ice and let my eyes see where I should put my needle next. And that canvas got finished and found a new home. This kitten canvas will certainly find a new home too. I already know where the new home will be. But there will be many stitches to stitch before that.
Let's stitch, shall we?

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