25. kesäkuuta 2008

Tight deadline

Hello dear readers,

Here I am, typing about my needlepointing as usual. The violet canvas found home, and I am glad about that. And the receiver was very much surprised. And that delighted me, I dare to say that.

But what's my current project? Well....the sailing ship canvas is still an UFO...but I could describe it as an active car project. What do I mean? It is in a bag in my car, and if I must go somewhere or wait for someone...I just take it and stitch. Every stitch is a little victory, because it is one stitch more towards the goal - the day when the sailing ship canvas is a FO.

But what about that tight deadline? It is 2 weeks from today. And the canvas I'm going to make looks like this.

Yeah...and then I have seen that some blogkeepers have asked "who's your favourite designer?" Well, to be honest...there's no such as an absolute favourite designer in my case. But there are few designers I like. Vervaco, Margot and collection d'art. And how do I choose what to stitch? Well, it is not up to the designer. It is more up to the canvas itself and subject.
Let's stitch, shall we?

9. kesäkuuta 2008


Hello dear readers,

Here I am, typing about my needlepointing as usual. I have one FO to show you. Just look at this.

But then there is something to worry too. This picture, which you hopefully can see, I have started in March, on 8th day. It should be done on June 20th. Let's hope I will make it.

And then there is another one to worry about. And here is the picture of it. I hope you can see it. This one should be ready on June 21st. Let's hope I will make it happen too. The ship one worries me more. It is bigger than this rose one. But even this rose one has taken me whole day to stitch. I thought this would be easy, because it's such a small thing. But it's obvious this one takes time too.

If you only knew how nervous and worried I am! I would love to see these both as FO's in a few weeks...and now I afraid only one of these will be done.
Let's stitch, shall we?