25. kesäkuuta 2008

Tight deadline

Hello dear readers,

Here I am, typing about my needlepointing as usual. The violet canvas found home, and I am glad about that. And the receiver was very much surprised. And that delighted me, I dare to say that.

But what's my current project? Well....the sailing ship canvas is still an UFO...but I could describe it as an active car project. What do I mean? It is in a bag in my car, and if I must go somewhere or wait for someone...I just take it and stitch. Every stitch is a little victory, because it is one stitch more towards the goal - the day when the sailing ship canvas is a FO.

But what about that tight deadline? It is 2 weeks from today. And the canvas I'm going to make looks like this.

Yeah...and then I have seen that some blogkeepers have asked "who's your favourite designer?" Well, to be honest...there's no such as an absolute favourite designer in my case. But there are few designers I like. Vervaco, Margot and collection d'art. And how do I choose what to stitch? Well, it is not up to the designer. It is more up to the canvas itself and subject.
Let's stitch, shall we?

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