10. kesäkuuta 2015

They left with Postman Pat

Hi, dear readers!
Here I sit again, talking about my needlepoint projects as usual. A few days ago I heard, that the trustworthy framing man had framed the pictures I had sent him. I picked them up today and sent them to their forever homes. Well, one of them...I just took it into one certain mail box. I sure hope she will find it soon and checks the tag I attached. The tag tells her, who the future owner of the picture really is. Poor framing man is in trouble with me, but I must keep stitching. Soon he must frame a big picture. But that is another story. I hope that canvas will get a nice frame too, even I think he may have a little difficulties to choose the color of the frame. But every time he has chosen just the right color. I believe he will do the same with that big picture. If my math is right, I must stitch 4 more pictures and send 1 more picture, but the one I send...it is not going to the framer man. It will travel to a friend of mine, who will live quite far away from here. She knows what to do with it, I am sure about that.
Let's stitch, shall we?

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