5. heinäkuuta 2017

A long list of projects

Hi, dear readers!
Here I sit again, talking about my needlepoint projects as usual. I have a long list of projects to stitch, and I hope I will get them stitched. Right now my main headache is one woman's wedding present, or actually first wedding anniversary day's present. It is almost a FO, but not quite yet.
"Why don't you describe it for us?" you may ask.
Because it would ruin the surprise. I want the couple to be surprised. I don't know, if they read this or not. I am used to being careful, so I rather not show you, not a little peek. Someone may put two and two together and tell them. I can't take that risk. But once my part is done, I will take it to my local Framing Man. He knows what to do, once my part is done.
Let's stitch, shall we?

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